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Julie C. 

We went there for a birthday lunch today, the food was excellent.  We were very impressed with their service; they went above and beyond to make our birthday lunch a memorable one.  Everyone in our group was very delighted.  We had a wonderful time.

Wynetta A. 

Me and some of my co-workers went here for lunch and the food and service was ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT!!!!! We all really enjoyed it.

Quoc T.  

Great food, great service, nice interior design and clean. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and families.  I think I've just found a favorite place for lunch during my work days (and weekends as well).

Carrie T. 

 Yes this was a deli but I don't think it took few yrs to reopen, probably a yr or so but either way it's a different setup now. It's a very nice restaurant. complete remodel. a really nice chandelier in the middle of the place, new furniture, wall fixtures, etc.  We spoke to the server and she said the furniture came from Vietnam, the tea also from Vietnam. A lot of money must of went into the renovation.
food is very authentic. the former deli owner is co-owner now I believe, we saw her heading to the kitchen.

I tried the Com Tam 10 which had a lot of food for me. had tofu appetizer which was nice and crispy on the outside and juicy inside.

I am definitely going back to try more dishes!

even their take out menu is printed on little higher stock paper! =)

Thuy N. 

Came in and was greeted by a cute, middle-aged lady. She knew right off the bat that we were vietnamese so she started speaking in vietnamese to us. She's very friendly and helpful which every waitress should be like! But I think she's probably the owner or the owner's mom xD

Ordering didn't take that long and we didn't have to wait too long for food  (probably since it was around opening time so it's not as busy).

Now when it came to the food, my gf and I ordered pho and crab banh canh. I've never tried crab banh canh so it was a new experience. I'm more used to the regular pork broth banh canh. I'm not saying it's bad, it was good! But not something I would eat everytime I go there. The pho was actually good! Didn't really need to add much since there's alot of flavor already.

Definitely will be back to try other dishes! There's a lot that I don't see at most viet restaurants around here. Btw, loveeeee the interior! It feels peaceful and relaxing to me.

Johnny L. 

 new place.. oh yes! new place

Saigon Soul is another restaurant that enters the arena where there r plenty other Vietnamese restaurants here in Kent.. wat stands out?

- the decor
- the setting
- the iced coffee
- the nem nuong spring rolls

service was good too n restroom was clean

the menu felt good; it is printed on smooth material, color n fonts were easy 2 look at, things were organized pg. by pg. in different sections

specifically for the food, we shared a plate of nem nuong (pork patty) spring rolls n they were good, slices of patty had flavor n a little crunch 2 it, very good.. we shared a plate of chicken wings n it was tasty, but not crispy as it was baked n not fried.. we each had pho, my wife enjoyed hers, I thought the broth needed flavor, yes it smelled like cinnamon, but did not taste like cinnamon, which is a good thing, the meat was decent as some were chewy, some were not, the noodles were al dente, I prefer a little softer, but when I added some hoisin n lime, the broth tasted better n the broth was really clean, which means they didn't put 2 much seasoning n also I didn't have 2 drink any water afterwards

I will come back n try their broken rice n vermicelli next time.. the pho, I would have again, even though it was bland, adding a little more hoisin n lime gave it a pass

the location is not the best, as u can easily pass n drive by it.. but thanks 2 Yelp n possibly referrals n recommendations from 1 to another will give this place plenty of business from yrs. 2 come

LaDonna L. 

My husband and I wake up on the weekends excited about what we plan to have for breakfast or lunch.  We usually have something Vietnamese.  I pulled up my trusty yelp app and saw that Saigon Soul is pretty new and we got our taste buds ready.  

The place is in a strip mall with Big 5 so it can be a little hard to miss if you are not familiar with the area.  GPS will work just fine though.  Another couple and small child were already seated and eating when we arrived.  Vietnamese music was playing and the decor was nice and relaxing.  At 10:30 in the morning, we didn't expect a line out the door, so we were happy with the lack of customers.

The menu is pretty standard fare of pho, vermicelli, different noodle soups, etc.  We ordered the Vietnamese wings, pork patty spring rolls, a small pho tai (with extra meat) for me, large pho tai chin for my hubby and two viet iced coffees

Our food came out in decent time at least for me.  My husband is use to the rudeness and fastness of Pho Bac so he gets antsy after 4 minutes.  Our spring rolls arrived first and they were flavorful and good.  You get two to an order so that works.  The wings are more of a baked wing and not deep fried. They were ok.  You definitely get to taste some of the fish sauce they use on them.  Not the best but eh.  

My pho was really good.  The best nah but better than about 95% of what we have had.  Of course Pho Bac is still #1.  The broth was flavorful and the meat was tender and good.  Not a really low grade of meat like some restaurants.  I did add some fish sauce and hotsauce like I do anywhere so it was really good then.

My husband wasn't impressed but I was and I will be back with or without him.  GRRRR!

From Tripadvisor: 5 out of 5 Stars

Al P.  

“Really good pho !”
5 of 5 starsReviewed March 25, 2015

Saw the "now Open" sign, gave it a lunchtime try. It's set back in a strip mall, nothing fancy. The interior is nicer than I expected, with a water feature, nice lighting, clean and smelled delicious.

Pressed for time I just ordered beef pho. The table was clean and with the usual Asian restaurant condiments and chopsticks/spoons. Cold water was quickly offered, with some lemon (or lime) in it. The menu looked interesting, not just the usual pho and teriyaki choices, but some yummy looking dishes like Bahn Hoi, Mi Xao, Com Tam, Curry dishes and some 'House Special Entrees'. The server said they wanted to have more authentic dishes from Viet Nam, not just pho and noodles.

The Pho was very good, served with the usual Thai basil, peppers, lime and sprouts - everything fresh and good. A good portion of beef, some onions, noodles, and the broth was very tasty. I would recommend it to Pho lovers.

Overall I got the impression that the owner takes pride in the place, and was looking forward to serving Vietnamese cuisine other than the more common stuff available everywhere.

I would like to make it back to try some of the other menu items soon, though for me it was a little out of the way.

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