• Com Chien

      Fried Rice with assorted vegetables

    • Com Chien Tom-Shrimp Fried Rice

    • Com Chien Bo-Beef Fried Rice

    • Com Chien Ga-Chicken Fried Rice

    • Com Chien Thit Heo-Pork Fried Rice

    • Com Chien Do Bien-Seafood Fried Rice

    • Com Tam

      Rice plate served with your choice of meat, broken rice, and a side of assorted vegetables served with home made fish sauce

    • Com Tam 10 Mon

      Shredded pork skin, Egg, Egg Cake, Pork Chop, Bean Curd with Shrimp, Meat Ball, Vietnamese Sausage, Egg Roll, Shrimp, and Beef

    • Com Tam 7 Mon

      Shredded pork skin and pork, fried egg, Egg Cake, Pork Chop, Bean Curd with Shrimp, and Meat Ball

    • Com Tam Suon Bi Ga

      Charbroiled Pork Chop with Egg Cake

    • Com Tam Suon Bo

      Charbroiled Beef Short Rib

    • Com Tam Suon Bo, Bi, Cha

      Charboiled Beef Short Rib, Egg Cake, and Pork Skin

    • Com Tam Suon

      Charboiled Pork Chop

    • Com Tam Tau Hu Ky

      Fried Bean Curd with Shrimp

    • Com Tam Lap Xuong Tau Hau Ky

      Fresh Bean Curd with Shrimp and Chinese Sausage

    • Ca Ri-Curry Rice Platter

    • Ca Ri Tofu-Tofu Curry

    • Ca Ri Ga-Chicken Curry

    • Ca Ri Bo-Beef Curry

    • Ca Ri Tom-Shrimp Curry

    • Ca Ri Do Bien-Seafood Curry

    • Teriyaki

      Japanese dish with meat marinated in teriyaki sauce, served with a side of rice and salad

    • Chicken Teriyaki

    • Beef Teriyaki

    • Shrimp Teriyaki

    • Tofu Teriyaki

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